Chess Under Threat

In this section of our site, you can find out about the threats that the fragile ecosystem of the Chess is facing:


The Chess is dependent on the surrounding chalk as a source of groundwater to supply water for the river. But water is taken (abstracted) from this chalk to supply water to homes and industry, which means there isn't always enough left for the Chess. Read more.

Water Quality

Whilst the majority of the river's water comes from the aquifer, road and farm run-off and discharges from the Thames Water sewage plant at Blackwell Hall Lane also enter the river and impact upon its water quality. Read more.

Invasive Species

The River Chess now hosts a number of plants and animals that are not native to the river and which are adversely affecting the river and its indigenous wildlife. Read more.

Habitat Loss

A huge variety of activities, from over-zealous gardening to cattle grazing can damage the Chess. Read more