Aims & Objectives

The Chess at Meades Water Gardens CheshamThe River Chess Association was formed in 2009 in response to growing concerns about the environmental pressures faced by the river. The aims and objectives of the association are as follows:

  • Environmental Monitoring and Protection
  • Management of Voluntary Resources
  • Exchange of Expertise and Ideas
  • Raising Public Awareness
  • Education
  • Lobbying

The association's committee meets regularly and all its members have particular areas of responsibility/expertise. The committee members are as follows:

Paul Jennings - Chairman

David Hyde - Education

David Le Neve Foster - Publicity

Roger Wotton - Research Links

Angela Bartlett - Student Representative

Ken Austin - Treasurer & Impress the Chess Representative

Scott Horton - Farming

Kathryn Graves - Secretary

A public meeting is held once a year at which the committee reports back to the association membership. The committee also organises activities for members, such as river walks and master classes on riparian management. We are also very keen to hear from volunteers who are interested in helping us with a variety of tasks, including photography, invasive weed control and flow monitoring. We also welcome groups from local businesses who spend volunteer days on the river with us carrying out practical habitat improvement work.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the association (free of charge), please contact the secretary on

You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter where you can see frquent photos and updates of what's happening on the river:

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