News Archive 2013

Urgent Action Needed for Chalk Streams

June 4, 2013

The government is called upon to take immediate action for chalk streams.

Solving Our Eel Mystery

May 29, 2013

We have teamed up with the Zoological Society of London to learn more about eels in the Chess.

Good News for Fish

Mar 10, 2013

A new project on the Chess creates habitat improvements for fish and other wildlife.

Further Sewage Leak

Mar 4, 2014

Another sewage spill has occurred from Chesham Sewage Treatment Works, polluting neighbouring land.

Catastrophic Failure at Chesham Sewage Treatment Works

Feb 6, 2013

Land neighbouring the sewage treatment works was recently inundated with a huge volume of raw sewage.

Holloway Lane Update

Feb 6, 2013

Untreated sewage has finally stopped flowing into the Chess from Holloway Lane.

That's Another Fine Mess

Feb 3, 2013

Untreated sewage flowed into the Chess for a week thanks to a sewer blockage caused by wet wipes, grease and sanitary towels.

Raw Sewage in the Chess

Jan 29, 2013

We are saddened to report that there was a discharge of sewage into the River Chess on Sunday 27th January.

A Review of 2012

Jan 4, 2013

We had a busy 2012; find out what we've been up to!