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Fly Monitoring Triggers Investigation

Dec 1, 2010

Category: Water Quality
Posted by: Kathryn

The RCA's Riverfly Monitoring scheme results for November have triggered an investigation by the Environment Agency. The RCA has been monitoring the fly populations at 10 sites along the Chess every month since June 2010. For the first time since monitoring began, the fly populations recorded on the outskirts of Chesham fell below a trigger level set by the Environment Agency. The Riverfly Monitoring co-ordinator has reported the results to the Environment Agency, which will investigate whether a pollution incident has occurred.

The Riverfly Monitoring Scheme is run by trained and accredited volunteers from the RCA. The purpose of the scheme is to regularly assess the biological water quality of the Chess along its length by monitoring a variety of flies with differing sensitivities to pollution.

To find out more about how Riverfly Monitoring works, see: