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Chiltern Plans - What Does It Mean For The Chess?

Apr 26, 2010

Category: General
Posted by: rob

The RCA has formally responded to Chiltern District Council's public consultation on their Draft Core Strategy. Part of CDC's Local Development Framework, the Core Strategy sets out how the central-government set target of 145 new houses in the district until 2026 will be achieved.

Download the RCA response (PDF, 1.4 MB)

The response effectively highlights the planning issues that will impact on the River Chess and questions whether the policies expressed in the strategy document will actually protect and enhance the rare habitat of this Chilterns Chalk Stream.

On of the visions set out in the Core Strategy is "Healthy Chalk rivers and streams which provide a healthy environment for their specialised wildlife". However, Paul Jennings, RCA Chairman, says "The Strategy document is full of such well meaning sentiment, but there is nothing in the document to say how this will be achieved.

The Chess, along with many other similar rivers is being used literally as a public convenience already. There is the problem of over-abstraction of water for the public water supply and the problem of sewage discharge into the river due to the current insufficient capacity of the treatment works in Chesham.

Allowing more houses to be built in Chesham, for example, will put further pressure on an alaready overloaded infrastructure. We argue that until the infrastructure is improved, requiring substantial investment, no new developments should take place."

To read the draft Core Strategy document, visit