Water Cycle

The River Chess is fed by springs from a chalk aquifer. The water cycle for a chalk aquifer, and the ways that the weather, seasons and human behaviour interact to impact on the aquifer, are complex. For example, two years of dry weather led to very low water levels in the aquifer in 2012, but many people were surprised that the exceptionally heavy rainfall that occurred in April and May 2012 did not replenish the water supplies and end the drought.

On this page, you can access an interactive representation of the seasonal water cycle to help visualise how our chalk aquifer works. To make the most of our water cycle:

  • Click on a tree to find out how vegetation influences our groundwater supplies
  • Click on a borehole to see how public consumption impacts on the aquifer [Click on the grey circle to return to the main diagram for either of these]
  • Move through the seasons by clicking on the sun, or pressing the grey arrow


Access our interactive water cycle