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Good Turn Out for Fourth Public Meeting

Oct 30, 2010

Category: General
Posted by: Kathryn

Our fourth public meeting, held on the 27th October, had a good turn out at Blackwell Farm (Chesham), with a mix of landowners, people who work on the river and interested residents finding out about the RCA's recent activities. The meeting featured a presentation from Richard Burren of Fugro NPA Ltd, who described how satellite data can be used to monitor ground movement resulting from water abstraction and other activities.

Paul Jennings, Chairman, and Allen Beechey, the Chilterns Chalk Streams Project Officer, provided an overview of RCA's activities over the summer, including:

  • a meeting with Thames Water to discuss water quality
  • the establishment of the Riverfly Monitoring scheme
  • monitoring for mink
  • invasive weed control
  • hosting site visits from local schools and MSc students from Queen Mary University, London
  • a walk along the upper Chess
  • a consultation response to Chiltern District Council's new planning framework

Rob Sage from Veolia Central was in attendance and provided an update on the current water resources situation and the difficulties associated with managing the high level of demand for domestic water supply in the area.

The minutes of the meeting will shortly be available on this site.